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The name says it all, cylinder head bolts and engine fasteners

The engine fastener site , cylinder head bolts, freeze plugs, flywheel bolts,
main bolts, rod bolts, stainless steel engine fastener kits and more.

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Volkswagen / Audi bolts and studs -

including cylinder head bolts, main bolts, cylinder head studs, flywheel bolts, oil pan bolts, rod bolts, freeze plugs and other engine fasteners.

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Cylinder head bolts and studs

all bolts are from non oem manufactures enough to do one complete engine

1.5/,1.6/.1.7/1.8 SOHC GAS & 1.8L DOHC head bolt set chbs-1028 $ 21.99

arp fboltsARP 1.8/2.0L 8 valve head stud set 204-4203 out of stock

arp fboltsARP 1.8 / 2.0L 8 valve head stud set 12 pt nuts with under cut studs 204-4701 out of stock

arp boltsARP 1.8/2.0L 16 valve head stud set 204-4204 $119.99

arp fboltsARP 1.8 turbo 20 valve with 11 mm head stud set 204-4101 $199.99

arp fboltsARP 1.8 turbo 20 valve with 10 mm head stud set 204-4103 $189.99

arp boltsARP VR6 head stud kit 204-4705 $209.00

3.6L & 4.2L ABH,ABZ,PT head bolt set $ 96.99

Main studs

arp boltsARP 1.6 to 2.0 rabbit golf and jetta main stud kit 204-5402 $119.99

Rod bolts

arp boltsARP 1.6 rabbit rod bolts 104-6002 $109.99

arp boltsARP 1.8 and 2.0 liter water cooled rod bolts 104-6004 $109.99

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shipping is $ 6.95 there are no handling fees

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Providing cylinder head bolts and automotive fasteners to engine builders since 1988.

A tool you may need this Metric Triple Square Bit Socket Set to remove and replace the head bolts on volkswagen audi engines

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