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The name says it all, cylinder head bolts and engine fasteners

The engine fastener site , For nissan V-6 engines . Cylinder head bolts, cylinder head studs

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shipping is $ 6.95 there are no handling fees

Cylinder head bolts for Nissan V6 engines

3.0 liter VG30E VG30I V6 sohc single overhead cam 12 valve engine

200sx 84-89

300zx 84-89 300zx turbo 84-89

maxima 84-94

pathfinder 90 to 95

pickup 90-95

quest 93-98

VG30E VG30i V-6 2960 CC 12 valve enough for both heads 26pcs chbs-1055 $89.85

3.0 Liter VG30DE 24 valve dohc

300zx 1990-1996 sorry no bolts available

3.0 liter VQ30DE V6 dohc dual overhead cam 24 valve

maxima 1995 to 2001

VQ30DE V-6 2988 CC 24 valve emnough for both heads chbs-1056 $64.85

3.3 liter V6 sohc single overhead cam 12 valve

frontier 1999-04

pathfinder 1996-2000

quest 1999-02

xterra 1999-04

VG33E V-6 3272 CC 12 valve fontier eterra 26pcs chbs-1055 $89.85

3.5 liter V6 dohc dual overhead cam 24 valve vq35de

350z 2002-05

altima 2001-2005

maxima 2001-05

murano 2001-2005

pathfinder 2001-2005

quest 2001-2005

VQ35DE V-6 3498CC 24 valve maxima 1995 to 2001does both heads chbs-1056 $64.85



shipping is $ 6.95 there are no handling fees

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Providing cylinder head bolts and automotive fasteners to Nissan v6 engine builders since 1988.

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