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The name says it all, cylinder head bolts and engine fasteners

The engine fastener site ,for Ford L-6 Cylinder head bolts, freeze plugs, flywheel bolts,
main bolts, rod bolts, stainless steel engine fastener kits and more.

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Ford 6 cylinder inline engines bolts and studs -

including cylinder head bolts, main bolts, cylinder head studs, flywheel bolts, oil pan bolts, rod bolts, freeze plugs and other engine fasteners.

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240 300 4.9 liter have moved here

Bell housing bolts

bell housing to transmission bolt kit with heavy duty lock washers for 3 and 4 speed manual transmissions bk-10 $ 5.95

Camshaft thrust plate

cam thrust plate 223 / 262 inline six 1.44 hole .189 thick $ 9.95

camshaft thrust plate ford L-6 144 and 200 cu $12.95

Cylinder head bolts for ford inline six

L-6 223 cubic inch cylinder head bolt set early with 7/16 thread 16 pcs chbs-1182 $46.99

L-6 223 cubic inch cylinder head bolt set later with 1/2 head bolts 16 pcs chbs-1210 $59.99

L-6 200 cubic inch cylinder head bolt head bolts 14 pcs performance grade set made with all arp bolts /washers there are no studs on the top of any of these bolts chbs-1215 $69.99

Dowel pins

block to trans .500 dowel pin kit 2pcs dp-13 $5.95

Flex plate bolts for automatic transmissions

arp engine fasteners ARP ford flex plate bolts hi performance 100-2901 $ 10.95 ARP pro series flex plate bolt set 200-2902 $ 14.95

Flywheel bolts for 3,4 and 5 speed manual transmission ARP high performance flywheel bolt set 100-2801 $ 12.95 ARP pro series flywheel bolt set 200-2802 $14.95

Freeze plug kits for ford 6 cylinders

L-6 170 200 250 cu steel block plug kit fpk-105 $ 5.99

L-6 170 200 250 cu brass block plug kit fpk-105b $ 14.99

L-6 223 cu and 262 cu inline six steel block plug kit fpk-106 $ 5.95

L-6 223 cu and 262 cu inline six brass block plug kit fpk-106b $16.95

Harmonic balancer Bolts

headbolts.comARP balancer bolt and washer Part# 150-2501 $22.95bolts

headbolts.comARP square drive balancer bolt and washer Part# 150-2503 $25.99

Rod nuts

rod nuts oem replacement type 5/16 12pcs nk-10 $8.95

rod nuts oem replacement type 3/8 12pcs nk-5 $8.95

Valve locks or keepers

5/16 144,170,200,250 cubic inch valve locks full set 24 pieces m-13 $6.95

11/32 223, 240, 300 valve locks heavy duty hardened (green color or black) full set 24 pieces m-11 $6.95

3/8 262 valve locks full set 24 pieces m-14 $6.95

Woodruff keys

crankshaft key 144 , 170 200 ,240 ,250 ,300 cubic inch inline 3/16x1-3/4 wk-1 $1.35

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